Additional information

1. With all the functions of Go2-Edu
2. With screen remote control (dual camera)
3. Dual-light gimbal: high-precision three-axis stabilization
4. PTZ parameters: Angle jitter ±0.01°
Controllable pitch and rotation: -90°~+25°
Controllable horizontal rotation: -270°~+270°
Roll, roll, rotate: -45°~+45°
5. Thermal imaging sensor:
Resolution: 640×512
Band range: 8-14um
Temperature measurement range: high gain -20~+150℃, Low gain 50~+550℃
Temperature measurement accuracy: -20~+150℃ (±2℃), 50~+550℃ (±5℃)
6. Control method: App (with screen remote control)
7. Depth camera not included, steering gear arm/radar, etc. cannot be optionally installed separately.