Go2 Edu-U4

Additional information

1. The product size is 70cmx31cmx40cm; the weight of the whole machine is 15kg (including battery); the load is about 8kg (limit ~10kg); speed: 0~3.7m/s
2. Maximum climbing height: about 16cm; maximum climbing slope angle: 40°
3. Cables are routed inside the knee joint, and joint heat pipes assist in heat dissipation
4. Large joint movement space: body: -48~48°; thigh: -200~90°; calf: -156~-48°
5. The ultra-wide-angle 3D lidar has the function of object detection and obstacle avoidance, and the wide-angle high-definition camera
6. Equipped with 4G communication, built-in eSIM; equipped with smart OTA upgrade
7. APP high-definition image transmission, remote control, all data viewing; APP graphical programming
8. WIFI6 dual-band wireless 802.11ax; Bluetooth 5.2/4.2/2.1
9. Long life battery (15000mAh), battery life 2-4h,fast charging charger (33.6V/9A)
10. With handheld remote controller
11. Support foot sensor, support secondary development, support charging pile
12. Equipped with wireless vector positioning and control system to realize accompanying
13. Possess moon step (that is, space walk), side step, cross step, jump up, jump forward, front flip, happy, shake hands, throw people, sit down, stretch, bow, a variety of creative dances, etc.
14. Equipped with microphone, speaker, lighting (3W), with system status indication function, real-time feedback of robot status, and can be used for robot demonstration actions with music and lights
15. Built-in voice recognition module, with voice interaction function, millisecond-level voice interaction response, using industry-leading voice recognition technology, high recognition accuracy, fast literacy
16. Expansion dock with 100Tops computing power(Jetson Orin Nx 16GB), including AI algorithm and technical support
17. With realsense D435i depth camera
18. Equipped with high-end 3D lidar Hesai XT16, including navigation algorithm and technical support


18. Optional servo arm
19. Warranty period:one year